Get festive with dark nail polishes

Dark nail polishes, once reserved for goths and rockstars, are now viewed by fashionistas as a chicer alternative to clasic, but blah, pastels. Colors like crimson, burgundy, black, and even navy give the plainest of outfits an edgier feel. Pinks are so last summer, and simply won’t get you noticed at holiday parties.

Because dark nail polishes bring attention to the hands, it’s important to keep them in good condition. First, exfoliate with a fine-grain sugar scrub. This will get rid of any callouses that have accumulated. After exfoliating, moisturize with a thick hand cream. I love Neutrogena’s Norweigan Forumla. Now that your cuticles are softened, gently push them back with an orange stick. Never cut your cuticles, it’s a tricky process that, if not performed correctly, can leave you with a nasty and painful infection. For ongoing maintenance, wear gloves when washing dishes. Harsh dish soaps and abrasive sponges will wreck your nails. You can also sleep wearing a pair of moisturizing gloves. As with any other area, slather your hands with SPF on a daily basis–the skin there is thin, making the hands one of the first places to show age.

Now you’re ready to polish. Bolder colors tend to look better on shorter nails. After all, you want to look sexy, not vamp-y. Apply a base coat, two coats of whatever shade you desire, then end with a glossy top coat. Wait ten minutes between each coat to avoid smudging. In Jamie Allison’s blog, The Beauty of Life, she suggests a few of her favorite polishes. If you’re feeling extra festive, put a shimmery top coat over your polish. The results will be trendy and glamorous.


~ by Stephanie Dunn on November 20, 2008.

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