Is the new “beauty machine” your type or all hype?

Is beauty standardized? Unfortunately, I think it is. Should it be? That’s another question entirely. In the past, researchers claim to have found the “ideal” waist-to-hip ratio. Now, it seems, scientists have found a computer program that employs mathematics to make faces more attractive.

The device re-proportions the face using the average distance between features that the majority of people– and the key word here is ‘majority’– find the most aesthetically appealing. But it sounds more like something out of George Orwell’s 1984 to me. Magnifying mirrors already make women more insecure than they need to be, who really needs a computer telling them whether or not they’re attractive?

The technology could be used to enhance magazine cover models, because they apparently are digitally enhanced enough. It could also be used in plastic surgeons’ offices to better give patients an idea of the results he or she would like to attain. Yet another possibility is installing the program into digital cameras. No longer would we have to delete pictures that showcase our undereye circles or accentuate an unsightly nose bum. Heck, we should just do away with ugly people altogether. Let them burn in their ugliness, I say.

I’m kidding, of course. Honestly, do we need a computer program to make us feel more attractive? I’d rather look at pictures of myself with a double chin than look at a picture of an attractive person who looks good, but…isn’t me. In the long run, looking at an improved version of myself would really begin to wear on my confidence. I say we leave the “beauty machine” to a creepy episode of The Twilight Zone. In the meantime, embrace your flaws. Your flaws make you perfect.


~ by Stephanie Dunn on November 11, 2008.

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