The nose knows

If you live in Florida, or anywhere else that stays 90 degrees year-round, you know all about the pointlessness of putting on perfume. One of two things usually happens. Either your elevated body temperature makes the fragrance seem cloyingly intense, or you sweat the perfume right off.

I’ve tried every trick, literally, in the book. Beauty magazines tout advice such as “As the temperature rises, wear lighter perfumes,” or “Layer your fragrance to make it stick.” Well, the temperature in Florida is always high enough to cause heart attack-inducing electricity bills, so suffice it to say I’m sick of citrusy fragrances. As for layering, the last thing I want to do before braving the humidity is to spritz on perfume then slather myself with a thick matching lotion.

That’s why I love the fall. Finally, I can make use my plethora of perfumes rather than admire what a nice display the bottles make atop my dresser. Some of my best memories revolve around a scent. I remember the smell of my first boyfriend’s cologne, a sporty Adidas fragrance from Walgreens. When I think of my Nana’s hugs, I think of Givenchy Amarige. Avon’s Skin So Soft is the smell summer, all fireworks and riding bikes in the cul-de-sac. Every person has a scent, and you should use your personality to sniff out the one that suits you best.

I switch up my fragrance depending on my mood. My go-to scent is Burberry Brit, a quirky and warm fragrance. I like to think of myself as caring and a bit offbeat, so I reflect that in my fragrance. Sometimes I tire of it and prefer to wear Gucci by Gucci, which has notes of pear (my favorite fruit) and exotic tiare flower. For special nights, job interviews, or anytime I want to feel sophisticated, I wear Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. As you pursue your signature fragrance, try using Sephora’s fragrance guide. It has a large selection of brands, as well as a detailed description of top notes for each perfume.


~ by Stephanie Dunn on November 6, 2008.

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