Try going nude, even if it’s chilly outside

Come fall, I usually dread the same tired headlines plastered across beauty magazine covers: “Red lips, matte skin, red lips, matte skin, red lips…” you get it. But this fall, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is adding a little autumn spice to your standard beauty routine, saying that nude makeup is in. Unfortunately, nude makeup can be a little tricky.

Done incorrectly, nude makeup can make you look like a corpse. Women have traditionally relied on pink blushes or red lipsticks to liven up their complexion. The undertones of these colors make the skin appear flushed, fresh and awake. Switching to neutral beige tones, though, leaves some women looking tired and sallow. Usually this is because they either need help finding a nude shade that flatters their skin tone, or because their overused an outdated monochromatic makeup kit circa 1994.

Applied the correct way, however, nude makeup is a refreshing and sophisticated switch from the boring red lip. The neutral palette also just happens to complement the dark colors in fall clothing. Cosmopolitan says:

“‘Pick a color that works with your skin tone so you won’t look washed out, advises makeup artist Mylah Morales. ‘Stay within two shades of your natural skin tone,’ says Morales. ‘Girls with fair complexions should look for pinker nudes, while those with darker skin should go for a beige undertone. A pop of pink or peach blush plus bronzer keeps the face vibrant.’”


To pull off the nude look, I also suggest taming your eyebrows with a clear brow gel. It adds structure to the face, which makes your features, not your makeup, the center of attention. After that, apply a universally flattering champagne highlighter along the brow bone to brighten the eye area, on your cheekbones to sculpt the face, or on your cupid’s bow (where your upper lip dips into a heart shape) to make your lips look fuller.

Of course, if you don’t take care of your skin you won’t look good no matter how much makeup you apply. So be sure to get at least eight hours of sleep, drink lots of water and don’t forget to exfoliate. That way, even if the weather outside makes you sleepy, your makeup routine won’t.


~ by Stephanie Dunn on October 27, 2008.

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