Not an idea to bat your lashes at

Some beauty rituals, like applying listick, are considered commonplace.  Some are slightly more extravagant indulgences, like a hair glossing treatment before a big event.  Then there are rituals that fall in the “oh-my-God-she-spent-what ?” category.  Twenty-four-karat gold facials and Evian baths are included in this group.

Falling somewhere between indulgent and over-the-top are eyelash extensions.  Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers that are attached, one by one, to your own natural eyelashes to create a certain look.  You can place a few extensions on your outer lashes for an innocent doe-eyed look, or you can be a vamp and get fuschia fringe.  The entire process will set you back a few hours and a few hundred dollars, depending on how many extensions you want.

The XTreme Lashes commercial website has a good before and after gallery if you’re curious to see what eyelash extensions look like in general.  But don’t be fooled — this is what a talented, licensed professional can achieve, not someone who works at the nail salon at the local mall.  There have been plenty of eyelash extension horror stories, ranging from temporary loss of eyelashes to blindness.  

This woman “unleashed her inner femme fatale” with eyelash extensions.  But I’m waiting for the article she’s going to write once she needs a touch-up.  Three of my coworkers got eyelash extensions over the summer.  They looked gorgeous; their lashes were full and flirty enough to make me almost want some.  Almost.  As the month passed, their extensions began falling out — with their natural eyelashes still attached.  One of the girls swore off extensions and begrudgingly waited for her lashes to grow back.  But the other two were already addicted to the look of luxurious lashes and had them touched up nearly every month.

Eyelash extensions are like acrylic nails or hair extensions.  They look great if you have the time and money to keep them up.  Otherwise, they just do damage.  I myself will never opt for eyelash extensions.  The new mascaras that use fibers to elongate lashes with each coat, such as Imju Fiberwig or Blinc, are fantastic for everyday wear.  If I really need some outrageous eyelashes for an event, like fast-approaching Halloween, I can always resort to falsies.  Remember, girls, you only get one pair of eyes.

~ by Stephanie Dunn on September 29, 2008.

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